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Leaning on strategies and frameworks from liberation pedagogy, open pedagogy, and disability justice, Max strives to facilitate spaces that invite the wisdom, experience, and knowledge of everyone in the room. Max believes that we learn best in spaces where we can be authentic, where our nervous systems are supported, where we get to utilize our own experiences and strengths, and where power is shared. 
They provide tailored workshops to various organizations and have presented and facilitated with; Gotham Roller Derby, the Program for Neurodiversity Education & Inclusion, NYU's Nest Support Project, NestCon, Gender Conference NYC, and Kip Therapy.

Max offers a variety of workshops including but not limited to; 

  • Beyond Gatekeeping; Trust and "Informed Consent" with TGNC Clients

  • Disability, Ableism, & Mental Health Care

  • Disability, Ableism, & Education

  • We All Win Together; Accessibility, Accommodation, & Sports

  • A Little Alien, A Little Human, More Me; Stories of Madness, Deviance, & Gender Anarchy

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