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Have you ever felt like something inside you is broken? Like you don't know where you belong or what's wrong with you?

What if I asked you to hold space for the possibility that... 
Nothing is wrong with you.

You aren't broken.

You absolutely can find belonging. 

We often learn, growing up, that our suffering and our pain is an individual problem. And that the goal is to "solve" our pain and our struggles by changing ourselves. What if I told you that it isn't you that's sick or broken, but the systems you live inside of? That you can trust your intuition, your memory, and what you know about yourself?

I'm here to support you in unpacking what's been internalized, offer frameworks for understanding yourself and your world, support you in the ways you choose to grow and shift, and bare witness to your pain. 

I offer counseling, consultation, and education, centering radical mental health, internal family systems, disability justice, and parts frameworks. 

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