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Therapist, Educator, Facilitator, Consultant, & Collaborator


Max (they/them) is a clinician who is informed by their lived experience with madness, neurodivergence, disability, and transness. With a background in education, adaptive recreation, sports coaching & personal training, and trans & disability advocacy, they bring a well-rounded and multidisciplinary approach to their work.

Max attended NYU’s Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness program, graduating in the fall of 2020. During their time in the program, they participated in a research projects related to transgender identity formation and autistic self-advocacy, and they spent their internship period at GMHC, working with long term survivors of HIV. They have experience working with neurodivergent, disabled, transgender, and queer individuals of all ages in recreational settings, employment settings, and therapeutic settings.

They currently offer counseling part-time at Fresh Path, NY, a private practice clinic offering remote therapy. 

Max primarily utilizes client-centered, relational, liberatory, and Internal Family Systems models to frame their work with counseling clients, and uses education and transparency to empower and support their clients’ self awareness. They see therapy as a container to support client’s in moving inward, practicing embodiment, building agency, and moving towards accepting all their parts.

Their education and facilitation work is primarily with schools, sports organizations, religious groups, and non-profits, or independently held workshops. 

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